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Faster pace and a new motto!

Group run on Saturday was awesome!   It was 63 degrees and a little overcast with some sun peeking through the clouds.  We  started out on the trail for a 6 mile run in our pace groups and soon I settled into a rhythm.   Now I can actually see my pace group the whole time that we run!   I am getting faster!

This time I was able to keep pace with a young woman who is usually just ahead of me.   She keeps a very steady pace and it was great to be able to stay with her!   Neither of us talk much while running which is fine with me.   I am used to being by myself (because I am slow) and actually like the silence.  For me, running is a great time to pray and to contemplate the beauty of nature. Running for over an hour gives you a lot of silence to listen to God and to pray for others! ( So let me know if you have any prayer intentions!  I have a lot of miles to cover over the next few weeks!)

At almost 3 miles, my pace friend informed me that we were keeping under a 12:30 pace which made me nervous, because my fastest time for 6 miles had been a 13:10 and I still had to make it back over some tough hills!  I decided to stay with her as we turned to head back for the last 3 miles.

I was determined to keep my pace the whole way including the hills!   The hills are always hard, but even more so when you have run 3 miles already!   So I started up the first one telling myself to dig, just dig, do not stop!   Then the second one!   I made it!   Realizing the hardest part was over I pressed on.

Soon I was at the 5 mile mark and caught myself thinking: ” O.K., only 1 mile to go.  One mile is easy!” How crazy is that !  I guess the endorphins were kicking in!

I finished 6.15 miles and checked my Garmin.   I averaged a 12:44 pace!   My fastest pace yet!

I got back to Fleet Feet and started stretching.   I leaned over to touch my feet and noticed something on my shoes that I had never seen before.   I got so excited and started laughing and pointed it out to my husband and a friend.  It seems that my shoes knew just the motivational phrase that I needed to get up those hills!  (click the picture to enlarge)

My new motto!

Nothing like motivational shoe strings!