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Friday Five

A few things from my week!

1.  Making costumes, eating candy, going to Mass and  visiting cemeteries kept us busy this week as we celebrated the Feast of All Saints and All Souls Day.  Son #4 is not much into Saints costumes these days (the canonized variety anyway!) so he dressed as the modern version of Sherlock Holmes!

A dashing young man!  Sigh, no more tiny St. Kolbe or Padre Pio!

2. Our pumpkin was unique as well this year.

The bite mark is Steve Jobs face profile.  Seems a little strange as I type on a Sony VAIO!

3.  Half-marathon training is moving along.  I am running 10 miles on my long run!  We have 4 weeks of training left until we run the St. Jude Half!  I admit I am a little nervous!

4.  Running the trail in the dark is actually rather fun!  Hills are definitely easier when you can not see more than a few feet ahead with your head light.  The dark actually motivates me to go a little faster because I do not want to be left behind. The owls hooing definitely creep me out though!

5.  Last but not least…..I won another prize!!  A sweet Nike long sleeve shirt in black and green!  My hubby won a shirt too!  Why?  Perfect attendance in our training program!  How sweet is that?!


Little Weenie Dog

Monday is a run day on my training schedule, but I do not have time to run unless I do it mid day, which means I have not been doing it!  Yesterday I decided to try to fit the run in since I am getting closer to my half marathon and need to build my miles.  So at 2:15 I decided to run in my neighborhood.

As I ran the first mile (starting out too fast!) I realized how spoiled I am from running the trail with all the wonderful shade!  There was not a bit of shade on my street or anywhere for that matter. The sun was beating down on me and the asphalt was radiating heat underneath me.  I was miserable and the heat made me tank!  I started the second mile and soon resorted to walking a bit and then finished it running.  I was ready to quit and then decided to try for one more mile.  I reached a big hill and decided the sun had won and turned off my Garmin to walk the rest of the way home.  I know that is pitiful and I should have pressed on but at least I got in 2.77 miles; better than nothing!

As  I walked home I spotted a little weenie dog at the top of the hill.  Out of his yard and off his leash he stood there looking for trouble!  Well, I was in a sour mood and sweating to death, needless to say I did not feel like dealing with a weenie dog nipping at my ankles!  So, there we were staring at each other like a western shoot out, sizing each other up!  We slowly approached each other and I sent the little weenie dog a vibe that said, “Don’t mess with me little weenie dog and don’t try to bite my ankle!”  I think my vibe worked.  As we passed each other it felt like slow motion, sweat was falling off me and little weenie dog looked at me as if to say, ” You look pitiful so I will let you pass, but we shall tangle another day!”  Thankfully I made it home with my ankles intact!