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Friday Five!


1.  This week I won a couple of things!  Tuesday I won a Nike top and bottom at our training clinic at Fleet Feet.  You may also recall that I won a pair of Brooks shoes at Fleet Feet a couple of months ago and I won a Brooks running outfit from them as well!  I think they may keep me out of the drawing for now on so someone else has a chance!  On Thursday I won a Sparkle Skirt from Tall Mom On The Run!  I was so excited to win a Sparkle Skirt from Team Sparkle!  At the rate I am going son #4 thinks I should buy a lottery ticket!

2.  Speaking of Tall Mom On The Run, I have added her to my blog roll with a few other running blogs.  Tall Mom is a tall runner who shares her running journey and information on products along with great give a ways!  Rural Route Runner lives near Saudi Arabia, but is originally from Canada.  She is a traveling teacher and a new runner who occasionally encounters stray camels while running!  How to Run A Bit Faster is from merry old England (I think!) and she has a great sense of humor as she trains to become faster!  I read her posts with an English accent in my head!  Slow is the New Fast is more local to me as she lives an hour south of me.  She shares her love of running and has some give a ways too! Plus she has organized a 5K event to raise money for charity!  How cool is that?!  Last but not least is Praying Runner.  His blog is a journal of his love for his wife who lost her battle with breast cancer this year.  Their story is a witness of love and faith.  He runs and prays for others and will take all prayer intentions.  He runs many miles and plans to run 50 marathons before he turns 50.  I am sure I will add more, but for now check out these inspiring people!

3.  Son #4 has caught the running spirit and has run 3 miles straight for the first time this week!  I think he has real running potential!  He is training to run an 8K on Thanksgiving Day!

4.  I will run 10 miles on Saturday!  You can check out my training by hitting the Dailymile button in my sidebar!

5.  I will be updating my About page and add other links and running information so stay tuned!