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Getting Back On Track!

The hubby and I had hoped to run the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon, but things got in the way.  This will be the third race that we have missed out on.  This running season has been a mess due to colds, flu, and work schedules.  So now we are regrouping!

We are running on our own for now ( minus a training group) and keeping our long run around 8 miles with the goal of running faster and better.  We have also decided to just race locally and focus on shorter races.  Besides, heat will be setting in here in the south and short races are all I can handle!

Also hoping to blog on a more regular basis so stay tuned!

More to come!


New Year and New Goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We have been very busy celebrating and visiting and being with family.

There was lots of eating and merry-making as well!  Despite my continued training I still gained some weight (just a little).

With the new year comes new resolutions and goals for running as well as life in general.  I am still working out my plan (late as usual!).  Obviously I need to work on order and time management!  But I have a general idea of where I am headed!

Hubby and I are running the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon on Saturday.  It looks like a challenging course with lots of hills, but the super blingy medal will be worth it!

We will run with a lot of our training group in this race which adds to the excitement and there will be great blues music that sweetens the deal too!

This will be our second half marathon, but the first for the new year.  That seems  so unreal, considering that when I started running in January 2011 I could not run for 30 seconds!  Now I can run for 13.1 miles!  Plus I have gained some speed.  Amazing!

The hubby and I plan to continue training with Fleet Feet and prepare to run either the New Orleans Rock N Roll or the Country Music Nashville Half.  New Orleans is closer so it may win out!  Stay tuned for more details!

Do you have a favorite race?