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Getting Back On Track!

The hubby and I had hoped to run the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon, but things got in the way.  This will be the third race that we have missed out on.  This running season has been a mess due to colds, flu, and work schedules.  So now we are regrouping!

We are running on our own for now ( minus a training group) and keeping our long run around 8 miles with the goal of running faster and better.  We have also decided to just race locally and focus on shorter races.  Besides, heat will be setting in here in the south and short races are all I can handle!

Also hoping to blog on a more regular basis so stay tuned!

More to come!


No Running. Lots Of Music.

I have neglected my blog so much that it should be overrun by weeds!  Definitely not keeping pace here or in running!  The Flu type B took me down four weeks ago and I am still struggling to get totally healthy.  It hit me rapidly after a long run.  I ran on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon I was fighting chills and fever.  I had run seven miles and felt fine; no hip pain or anything and then BAM! I was blindsided by the Flu!

The Flu then led to upper respiratory/sinus congestion and then hives (don’t know why) which led to a round of Prednisone and now a round of antibiotics.  I try not to take medicine unless it is really needed, but this time I was really miserable.

Recovery may have been delayed from trying to do too much too soon!  My youngest son had a lot of music gigs that I did not want to miss.  So when I knew I was not contagious I went and then I would feel fatigued and puny again!  I even tried to run after three weeks and that did not help either!  Lesson learned!

I did manage to run this week for two and half miles that included a good bit of walking.  My training has taken a hit so I doubt that I will run St. Jude Half Marathon instead I will just focus on the Mississippi Blues Half and maybe New Orleans Rock and Roll.

So not much running, but lots of music with son #4!  He is becoming quite a musician if I must say so myself!  I have lots of pictures to share, but I will have to post them later, because they are not on my lap top!  The hubby and I are having fun being his “Roadies” for now anyway!  More later!

A Brief Post!

Briefly updating here!  I am back in training for the Blues Half Marathon here in Mississippi and St. Jude Half in Memphis.  After slogging through the summer it is great to be back in a training group.  It definitely makes me try harder.  The summer heat and humidity slows me down and makes me want to quit!

My pace is pathetic ( not that it was ever that fast!) thanks to the humidity.  Hopefully with cooler air it will pick back up quickly!  For now I just do the best that I can and pray for a cold front soon!

More to come!

Still Here And Still Running!

No I did not give up blogging for Lent!  I am just unorganized and a little lazy!

I am still running and will run a 5k on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day along with my hubby and our 16-year-old son (a.k.a. son #4)!  This was my very first race a year ago!  Hopefully I will set a PR.  I better after all this training!

The Shamrock, a typical Irish clover.

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Currently, we are training for the Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon, but we probably will not actually run it because of schedule issues.  So we need to find a half marathon closer to home for the end of April or beginning of May.

For now I am trying to acclimate to the heat and humidity!

More blogging to come; I promise!

Reasons for Running

Sunday night, after returning home from running the St. Jude half marathon, a friend and I went to see the movie The Way.   The movie is about a father who goes to France to collect the remains of his son who died while walking the Camino de Santiago.   The father decides to finish the pilgrimage in his son’s place and meets several other pilgrims along the way, each with their own issues.  You can check out the movie here.  At the end of the movie (spoiler alert) the pilgrims make it to the end and get their certificate and they are asked what was their reason  for walking the Camino.  Their answers varied.

That question struck me.  As runners I am sure we have varied reasons for running.  To lose weight, to challenge ourselves, to compete, to de-stress, for the fun of it, etc.  My reasons are varied as well, but my main reason for training and running the St. Jude half was in memory of my mom and praying for the repose of her soul.  My mother left her Christian faith, but for some reason always gave charity to St. Jude’s Children hospital.  Before she died she asked that everyone give money to St. Jude’s instead of buying flowers.  St. Jude is the patron of hopeless or difficult situations.

It was two years after her death that I saw a picture of some friends who had just finished the St. Jude half and decided that was what I was to do.  The fact that I was out of shape and had not run for more than thirty seconds since childhood made it a hopeless and difficult situation.  St. Jude had his work cut out for him!

The first week of my training I was reading my son’s youth catechism that was published for World Youth Day and in it was a definition for a pilgrim as one who “prays with his feet.”  It was all coming together.  My training and running would be a pilgrimage.

Every pilgrimage has moments of consolations and moments of difficulty and struggle and mine was no different!  I worked through injuries, struggled to lose weight, dealt with frustration and embarrassment, but I also experienced the joy of accomplishment, a slightly faster pace and a slimmer body!

I also had the help and encouragement of others.  Great coaches and pacers who pushed and motivated me. My husband and a good friend who trained with me and even internet friends that I have never met in person!  They were all fellow pilgrims as I made my way.

Prepared and ready, I ran the St. Jude half marathon in Memphis with my husband and my good friend.  I ran with a list of prayer intentions in my pocket and I prayed every step of the way.  My goal was to finish in 2:45 and that was pushing it!  I did not think I would make it so I stopped looking at my Garmin at mile 11 and just focused on running and breathing and praying!  I crossed the finish and stopped my Garmin.  My time was 2:43:38 officially!!  I finished under my goal!

So I ran and will continue to run as a pilgrim, praying with my feet!  Hopefully just a little faster!

Wordless Wednesday (St. Jude Half Marathon)

At the start! Me on the left with the colorful headband.

Waving at my son!

At the finish!

Friday Five

1.  Saturday I will run twelve miles for the first time!  We will run twelve miles for our long run for the next two weeks and then taper our miles as we get close to the half-marathon.  I will be honest I never thought I would run one mile much less twelve or better!  So the rest of the schedule is six-mile runs two times a week and one forty-five minute run and twelve miles on Saturdays for two weeks and then taper.

2.  My biggest concern about the half-marathon is getting there!  We ended up with a hotel ten miles from downtown and I am afraid the traffic and parking will be a pain!  I am still trying to convince some of my older sons to come along and be our “race crew”!.  It would be nice to just be dropped off at the start line.  So if anyone has any advice about the St. Jude marathon in Memphis and the best way of navigating it please let me know!

3.  Last night my good friend and I had a friendly competition trying to win a Bondiband from Slow Is The New Fast costume contest!  It got wild and we still tied!

4.  I am losing weight and my pace is picking up slowly but surely.  My purpose in sharing pounds and paces is to hopefully encourage others.  Since I started running in January 2011 I have lost twenty-four pounds and still need to lose another nineteen!  I was that overweight when I started!  I have never been athletic and I could not run for thirty seconds.  So please believe me when I say that bit by bit you can learn to run for long distances!  Just start and be determined! Talk to your doctor first!

5.  My weight loss has created a need for a new wardrobe!  Actually hubby and I both are in desperate need to go clothes shopping!  Hopefully I can take care of that this weekend!