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More Blues And Some Rock And Roll!

The Mississippi Blues Marathon features some great Blues music before, during and after the race.   Mississippi’s Blues heritage is celebrated and supported by the marathon as well.  This was my first year to run the Blues and my first time to hear our very own local guy Patrick Harkins (son #4’s guitar teacher!) to play our national anthem on electric guitar at the opening of the race!  I am sure Jimi Hendrix would have approved, because Patrick played it well!

Patrick is the owner of Fondren Guitars in the Fondren area of Jackson.  A small shop with a big vibe!  You feel “cool” just walking into the place!  He carries a selection of new, used and vintage guitars and other instruments as well.  He offers lessons for all types of instruments and for all ages.  All of the teachers at Fondren Guitars  are great with kids and they manage to keep wholesome and cool in the same environment which pleases the parents!

Patrick and son# 4

If you were at the Blues Expo hopefully you checked out his booth and if you did not then you need to next year.  You should check out the store as well!

The Rock Band program has started up again and this will be the third season that son #4 participates.  Rock Band is a program that helps the students learn to play as a band and then perform a concert at the Fondren Arts, Eats and Beats festival.  This year they hope to play other venues as well!  So if you are local come check them out!

Son #4 finding his "rock" voice!

Rock Band!

If you are not local you can still check out Fondren Guitars’ eBay page here and  Facebook page here.  They ship guitars all over the world!


Wordless Wednesday (Stay tuned! More to come!)

Wordless Wednesday (at guitar lesson)

The owner's little boy!