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Only 8 Weeks Left!

Last Saturday I ran 8 miles for the first time!  I managed to average a 12:50 pace which means I ran for 1 hour and 45 minutes straight!  That is crazy but it was awesome!  The cooler temperature helped but I am also getting stronger and faster.  I guess that makes me a faster penguin!

Naturally longer runs need mid run fuel to replenish glucose and electrolytes so I have started using GU gels.  It  can be a little challenging slurping down a thick jelly like substance and then chasing it down with water while running, not to mention opening the packet with sweaty hands! Yet, it seems to be the easiest option for now and it  definitely helped me on last Saturday’s run.  GU gels also come in several flavors, but my GU of choice is Lemon Sublime!

So, miles are increasing and the weeks are decreasing!  Only 8 weeks left until my very first half marathon which will be on December 3rd for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis!  That is not very much time!  I have a lot of miles to cover and hopefully I will reach a faster pace by then.  My hubby is ready now!  He could easily run a half marathon today and at a pretty good pace, but I need all the time and training that I can get!   It also helps  to have friends in high places too!  😉

St. Jude pray for me.