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New Year and New Goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We have been very busy celebrating and visiting and being with family.

There was lots of eating and merry-making as well!  Despite my continued training I still gained some weight (just a little).

With the new year comes new resolutions and goals for running as well as life in general.  I am still working out my plan (late as usual!).  Obviously I need to work on order and time management!  But I have a general idea of where I am headed!

Hubby and I are running the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon on Saturday.  It looks like a challenging course with lots of hills, but the super blingy medal will be worth it!

We will run with a lot of our training group in this race which adds to the excitement and there will be great blues music that sweetens the deal too!

This will be our second half marathon, but the first for the new year.  That seems  so unreal, considering that when I started running in January 2011 I could not run for 30 seconds!  Now I can run for 13.1 miles!  Plus I have gained some speed.  Amazing!

The hubby and I plan to continue training with Fleet Feet and prepare to run either the New Orleans Rock N Roll or the Country Music Nashville Half.  New Orleans is closer so it may win out!  Stay tuned for more details!

Do you have a favorite race?


Wordless Wednesday (Run and St. Jude Medal Party!)

Some of the crew that ran St. Jude. Photo courtesy of Fleet Feet.

Hubby and me. Photo courtesy of Fleet Feet.

Photo courtesy of Fleet Feet.

Turkey Day 8K

Son #4 ran his first race on Thanksgiving Day!  He ran the 2nd annual Turkey Day 8K hosted by Fleet Feet.  Hubby and I volunteered to help with the race and took photos as well

The day started at 5:3o A.M., way too early!

My friend and me!

Family running is the best!

At the start line!

Off he goes!

Finishing strong!

Endorphin high!

I think we have a new family tradition for Thanksgiving Day!

P.S.  When you click the pictures to enlarge them a few of them are sideways and  I could not figure out how to fix it!  I am working on it!  Sorry.

Wordless Wednesday (Son #4 is Ready For Tomorrow!)

Friday Five!


1.  This week I won a couple of things!  Tuesday I won a Nike top and bottom at our training clinic at Fleet Feet.  You may also recall that I won a pair of Brooks shoes at Fleet Feet a couple of months ago and I won a Brooks running outfit from them as well!  I think they may keep me out of the drawing for now on so someone else has a chance!  On Thursday I won a Sparkle Skirt from Tall Mom On The Run!  I was so excited to win a Sparkle Skirt from Team Sparkle!  At the rate I am going son #4 thinks I should buy a lottery ticket!

2.  Speaking of Tall Mom On The Run, I have added her to my blog roll with a few other running blogs.  Tall Mom is a tall runner who shares her running journey and information on products along with great give a ways!  Rural Route Runner lives near Saudi Arabia, but is originally from Canada.  She is a traveling teacher and a new runner who occasionally encounters stray camels while running!  How to Run A Bit Faster is from merry old England (I think!) and she has a great sense of humor as she trains to become faster!  I read her posts with an English accent in my head!  Slow is the New Fast is more local to me as she lives an hour south of me.  She shares her love of running and has some give a ways too! Plus she has organized a 5K event to raise money for charity!  How cool is that?!  Last but not least is Praying Runner.  His blog is a journal of his love for his wife who lost her battle with breast cancer this year.  Their story is a witness of love and faith.  He runs and prays for others and will take all prayer intentions.  He runs many miles and plans to run 50 marathons before he turns 50.  I am sure I will add more, but for now check out these inspiring people!

3.  Son #4 has caught the running spirit and has run 3 miles straight for the first time this week!  I think he has real running potential!  He is training to run an 8K on Thanksgiving Day!

4.  I will run 10 miles on Saturday!  You can check out my training by hitting the Dailymile button in my sidebar!

5.  I will be updating my About page and add other links and running information so stay tuned!

Faster pace and a new motto!

Group run on Saturday was awesome!   It was 63 degrees and a little overcast with some sun peeking through the clouds.  We  started out on the trail for a 6 mile run in our pace groups and soon I settled into a rhythm.   Now I can actually see my pace group the whole time that we run!   I am getting faster!

This time I was able to keep pace with a young woman who is usually just ahead of me.   She keeps a very steady pace and it was great to be able to stay with her!   Neither of us talk much while running which is fine with me.   I am used to being by myself (because I am slow) and actually like the silence.  For me, running is a great time to pray and to contemplate the beauty of nature. Running for over an hour gives you a lot of silence to listen to God and to pray for others! ( So let me know if you have any prayer intentions!  I have a lot of miles to cover over the next few weeks!)

At almost 3 miles, my pace friend informed me that we were keeping under a 12:30 pace which made me nervous, because my fastest time for 6 miles had been a 13:10 and I still had to make it back over some tough hills!  I decided to stay with her as we turned to head back for the last 3 miles.

I was determined to keep my pace the whole way including the hills!   The hills are always hard, but even more so when you have run 3 miles already!   So I started up the first one telling myself to dig, just dig, do not stop!   Then the second one!   I made it!   Realizing the hardest part was over I pressed on.

Soon I was at the 5 mile mark and caught myself thinking: ” O.K., only 1 mile to go.  One mile is easy!” How crazy is that !  I guess the endorphins were kicking in!

I finished 6.15 miles and checked my Garmin.   I averaged a 12:44 pace!   My fastest pace yet!

I got back to Fleet Feet and started stretching.   I leaned over to touch my feet and noticed something on my shoes that I had never seen before.   I got so excited and started laughing and pointed it out to my husband and a friend.  It seems that my shoes knew just the motivational phrase that I needed to get up those hills!  (click the picture to enlarge)

My new motto!

Nothing like motivational shoe strings!