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Friday Five!

Two weeks ago I consulted a dietitian to develop a meal plan for the rest of my half marathon training and to help me lose weight as well.  So, here are five things I have learned about eating and running!

1.  Running does help you lose weight, especially running long distances, but you can overeat your running very easily!  No more eating whole pints of Starbucks Coffee Ice-cream just because I ran!

2.  We have the tendency after a long run to eat to feel better, kinda like eating through a hang over ( so I am told! ), but what the body actually needs is rest and hydration after eating a normal amount within your calorie limit.

3.  Serving sizes are remarkably small!  What have I been thinking all this time!

4.  Eating balanced meals three times a day ( instead of one big one!) and a pre- run snack definitely fuels your run better.  Go figure!

5.  You can stay within your calorie range and still eat poorly!  I am working on eating more fruits  and veggies!

Over all I am seeing a difference in my running  and the pounds are starting to move!  So check out Runner’s FUEL and get your own fuel plan!