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Friday Five

1.  Saturday I will run twelve miles for the first time!  We will run twelve miles for our long run for the next two weeks and then taper our miles as we get close to the half-marathon.  I will be honest I never thought I would run one mile much less twelve or better!  So the rest of the schedule is six-mile runs two times a week and one forty-five minute run and twelve miles on Saturdays for two weeks and then taper.

2.  My biggest concern about the half-marathon is getting there!  We ended up with a hotel ten miles from downtown and I am afraid the traffic and parking will be a pain!  I am still trying to convince some of my older sons to come along and be our “race crew”!.  It would be nice to just be dropped off at the start line.  So if anyone has any advice about the St. Jude marathon in Memphis and the best way of navigating it please let me know!

3.  Last night my good friend and I had a friendly competition trying to win a Bondiband from Slow Is The New Fast costume contest!  It got wild and we still tied!

4.  I am losing weight and my pace is picking up slowly but surely.  My purpose in sharing pounds and paces is to hopefully encourage others.  Since I started running in January 2011 I have lost twenty-four pounds and still need to lose another nineteen!  I was that overweight when I started!  I have never been athletic and I could not run for thirty seconds.  So please believe me when I say that bit by bit you can learn to run for long distances!  Just start and be determined! Talk to your doctor first!

5.  My weight loss has created a need for a new wardrobe!  Actually hubby and I both are in desperate need to go clothes shopping!  Hopefully I can take care of that this weekend!