Begin Again!

Now that I am not running as many miles the pounds are creeping back!  Not good!  Of course having so many excuses  to eat, such as graduations, family events, wedding and baby showers and just hanging out with our running group is not helping either.

So I must learn temperance with food and do what my wonderful dietitian has  programmed for me.  I know if I follow the program I will get results, but knowing and doing are two different things!  Proper motivation is needed to reach the goal.

My motivation is to have energy and better health to serve my family,but I will admit that I want to run faster too or at least feel lighter on my feet! 😉

Begin again.  That is my motto and the only advice I can give to anyone!

I updated my weight loss ticker to track my progress.  Now I begin!


Wordless Wednesday (Poker Run)

Son #4 won worst hand!

Wordless Wednesday (Pub Run)


Family time!


Find Waldo. I mean me!

Friday Few (Instead of Five!)

A little catching up is in order!  Just a few things for this Friday even though it has been a whole month since my last post!

My last race was the St. Paddy 5K which was also the very first race that I ever ran a year ago when I started my running journey!  I am happy to say that I had a  PR (personal record for the non runners out there!) and it was a pretty good difference from last year’s race!  Last year I ran it in 45:15 with a 14:36 average pace and this year I ran it in 33:32 with a 10:44 average pace!  For me that is fast!  Of course I had a wonderful friend/pacer helping me and I was really  thankful that she was with me on the last mile to push me!   My hubby had a huge PR as well!  And this year our 16-year-old son ran with us and beat me by a few seconds!  It was exciting to beat my previous time and to run as a family!

A family 5K! St. Paddy!

Our costumes consisted of a bow tie (Hubby) and green socks with shamrocks (Me)! I get too hot to put more than that on!

My plan for the summer is to get stronger and cross train to help some weak hip flexor issues on my right leg and learn to deal with the heat better!

Until my hip is stronger, KT tape is my friend!

 I was skeptical about these colorful rolls of tape, but somehow it has helped my hip and thigh!

Now for some non running news!  Son #4 made his singing debut about a month ago!  He has played guitar in a band before, but never had the courage to sing until now!  He plays in the Rock Band program at Fondren Guitars with several other students and this year they are branching out to other venues.  On April 19th they will perform at the Museum Art Garden for the High Note Jam concert series sponsored by the Greater Jackson Arts Council!

So if you are local come out and support the young musicians of Rock Band and hear Son #4 sing!

Wordless Wednesday (New Kicks!)

Old faithful Brooks Launch!

New Brooks Launch. Maroon and yellow!

Still Here And Still Running!

No I did not give up blogging for Lent!  I am just unorganized and a little lazy!

I am still running and will run a 5k on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day along with my hubby and our 16-year-old son (a.k.a. son #4)!  This was my very first race a year ago!  Hopefully I will set a PR.  I better after all this training!

The Shamrock, a typical Irish clover.

Image via Wikipedia

Currently, we are training for the Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon, but we probably will not actually run it because of schedule issues.  So we need to find a half marathon closer to home for the end of April or beginning of May.

For now I am trying to acclimate to the heat and humidity!

More blogging to come; I promise!

Wordless Wednesday (Sort of!) (Lent Has Begun)