Getting Back On Track!

The hubby and I had hoped to run the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon, but things got in the way.  This will be the third race that we have missed out on.  This running season has been a mess due to colds, flu, and work schedules.  So now we are regrouping!

We are running on our own for now ( minus a training group) and keeping our long run around 8 miles with the goal of running faster and better.  We have also decided to just race locally and focus on shorter races.  Besides, heat will be setting in here in the south and short races are all I can handle!

Also hoping to blog on a more regular basis so stay tuned!

More to come!


5 responses to “Getting Back On Track!

  1. Good to see you out there. I can enjoy running through your efforts, which is better than no running at all 🙂

  2. Great to see that you are back on track with your blog. Can you send some of the warm weather up to Canada?

    • The cold has been lingering here! Of course it would not be cold to you, but to us southerners it is cold! This week should be more Spring like. Thankfully! Oh and not sure how on track I will be with this little blog! Trying to get back to it!

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