No Running. Lots Of Music.

I have neglected my blog so much that it should be overrun by weeds!  Definitely not keeping pace here or in running!  The Flu type B took me down four weeks ago and I am still struggling to get totally healthy.  It hit me rapidly after a long run.  I ran on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon I was fighting chills and fever.  I had run seven miles and felt fine; no hip pain or anything and then BAM! I was blindsided by the Flu!

The Flu then led to upper respiratory/sinus congestion and then hives (don’t know why) which led to a round of Prednisone and now a round of antibiotics.  I try not to take medicine unless it is really needed, but this time I was really miserable.

Recovery may have been delayed from trying to do too much too soon!  My youngest son had a lot of music gigs that I did not want to miss.  So when I knew I was not contagious I went and then I would feel fatigued and puny again!  I even tried to run after three weeks and that did not help either!  Lesson learned!

I did manage to run this week for two and half miles that included a good bit of walking.  My training has taken a hit so I doubt that I will run St. Jude Half Marathon instead I will just focus on the Mississippi Blues Half and maybe New Orleans Rock and Roll.

So not much running, but lots of music with son #4!  He is becoming quite a musician if I must say so myself!  I have lots of pictures to share, but I will have to post them later, because they are not on my lap top!  The hubby and I are having fun being his “Roadies” for now anyway!  More later!


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