A Brief Post!

Briefly updating here!  I am back in training for the Blues Half Marathon here in Mississippi and St. Jude Half in Memphis.  After slogging through the summer it is great to be back in a training group.  It definitely makes me try harder.  The summer heat and humidity slows me down and makes me want to quit!

My pace is pathetic ( not that it was ever that fast!) thanks to the humidity.  Hopefully with cooler air it will pick back up quickly!  For now I just do the best that I can and pray for a cold front soon!

More to come!


4 responses to “A Brief Post!

  1. I’m also so glad to have the group back together! I can’t wait for it to cool off a bit though! It seems as if summer is never going to end.

  2. I don’t envy you that heat and sun. I love it, as long as I’m not running. Good for you getting in a group – working together is a great way to train

  3. I am not crazy about the humidity myself…its much harder… Im READY for cooler temps…..

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