2nd Place!

My last-minute decision to run the Magnolia Meltdown in May paid off!  My husband was running the 10K and I went to cheer him on and instead signed up to run the 5k.  My thigh had been giving me trouble, but when I got up that morning I felt fine and decided to go for it.  Besides it would have killed me to just watch!

The 10k and 5k start lines were separate and as I stood there waiting with a friend we discussed the fact that maybe my odds were good for my age group since it seemed that the faster runners were going for the 10K!

Lo and behold the odds were good!  I placed 2nd in my age group!  Does it matter that there were only five of us?!

2nd place! Photo courtesy of Rod’s Racer’s.

Hubby and I were waiting to see if he had placed and instead I did!  We all had a good laugh and a good time!


6 responses to “2nd Place!

  1. It still goes down as a second place; regardless of how many others were there. You still ran faster than 3 other people! CONGRATS on that!

  2. Congrats on finishing second! Being in the top three is fantastic!

  3. How brilliant. Well done. I’m very proud of you. And a niggling thigh too 🙂

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