Still Here And Still Running!

No I did not give up blogging for Lent!  I am just unorganized and a little lazy!

I am still running and will run a 5k on Saturday for St. Patrick’s Day along with my hubby and our 16-year-old son (a.k.a. son #4)!  This was my very first race a year ago!  Hopefully I will set a PR.  I better after all this training!

The Shamrock, a typical Irish clover.

Image via Wikipedia

Currently, we are training for the Nashville Rock and Roll Half Marathon, but we probably will not actually run it because of schedule issues.  So we need to find a half marathon closer to home for the end of April or beginning of May.

For now I am trying to acclimate to the heat and humidity!

More blogging to come; I promise!


3 responses to “Still Here And Still Running!

  1. Cool. Enjoy your 5k. Bet it’ll be a lot of fun

  2. Good luck on your St. Patrick’s Day race!

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