Friday Five (Two Days Late!)

Yes, I am posting my Friday Five on Sunday!  Life took over, what can I say!

1.  Because I am a penguin in running I had considered wearing a penguin costume in our costume run.

After trying it on I decided I would suffocate in it!  So instead hubby and I were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

2.  I found some penguin humor in this article, You Might Be A Penguin If.  I especially relate to these:  “During a race, you keep turning around to see if there is still anybody behind you” yes I have actually done this!  “You recognize all the regular runners on your favorite route from behind” and I have to say they recognize me from behind when they catch back up to me on the return run and I hear them say “Good job, Lisa!” when they have not even seen my face!  “You have to memorize the route because you know that you will lose the back of the pack” well at least this one is changing, because I am a faster penguin now!

3.  Here is some real scientific data on the benefits of drinking chocolate milk after running or working out.  I love having a healthy reason for indulging in chocolate milk!  I bring some for the hubby and me to every run!

4.  I got my sparkle skirt from Team Sparkle in the mail last week!  I won it in a drawing at Tall Mom On The Run.  It is so cute!  They also sent me a Team Sparkle tattoo and a sample of KT Tape of which I do not know how to use, but hey, I love gifts and prizes!  I will model it later, so stay tuned!

Sparkle Skirt from Team Sparkle!

5.  Here is an opportunity to earn those Thanksgiving Day calories!

Get more information here!


4 responses to “Friday Five (Two Days Late!)

  1. I am enjoying your posts! Not sure I get the penguin thing, but I like the costume. You are an inspiration to me so keep your pace! You are running well!

  2. Great job on inserting the links, especially the link to Thing 1 and Thing 2. By the way, when I see you on the trail, I see a RUNNER, not a penguin. Keep up the good work on running and the blog.

  3. You look so cool as a penguin. You have to wear this. Laughed out loud at the looking behind you in races thing, I am that penguin! Waddle on x

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