Little Weenie Dog

Monday is a run day on my training schedule, but I do not have time to run unless I do it mid day, which means I have not been doing it!  Yesterday I decided to try to fit the run in since I am getting closer to my half marathon and need to build my miles.  So at 2:15 I decided to run in my neighborhood.

As I ran the first mile (starting out too fast!) I realized how spoiled I am from running the trail with all the wonderful shade!  There was not a bit of shade on my street or anywhere for that matter. The sun was beating down on me and the asphalt was radiating heat underneath me.  I was miserable and the heat made me tank!  I started the second mile and soon resorted to walking a bit and then finished it running.  I was ready to quit and then decided to try for one more mile.  I reached a big hill and decided the sun had won and turned off my Garmin to walk the rest of the way home.  I know that is pitiful and I should have pressed on but at least I got in 2.77 miles; better than nothing!

As  I walked home I spotted a little weenie dog at the top of the hill.  Out of his yard and off his leash he stood there looking for trouble!  Well, I was in a sour mood and sweating to death, needless to say I did not feel like dealing with a weenie dog nipping at my ankles!  So, there we were staring at each other like a western shoot out, sizing each other up!  We slowly approached each other and I sent the little weenie dog a vibe that said, “Don’t mess with me little weenie dog and don’t try to bite my ankle!”  I think my vibe worked.  As we passed each other it felt like slow motion, sweat was falling off me and little weenie dog looked at me as if to say, ” You look pitiful so I will let you pass, but we shall tangle another day!”  Thankfully I made it home with my ankles intact!


3 responses to “Little Weenie Dog

  1. LOL! thats funny…glad i read the blog….ps..toya said she loves colby!! 🙂 love the picture!

  2. Yes, cute and funny post…and priceless picture! :’ )

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