Running and setbacks

While celebrating my oldest son’s birthday dinner on Wednesday, I started to feel sick.  On Thursday I was definitely getting worse, but stubbornly decided to run the 4 miles on my training schedule!  I had read somewhere that if your symptoms were above the neck you could still exercise!  Well, I ran and it was terrible!  I think it was bad advice!

A few hours after my run I had fever and went downhill fast.  All I could think about was that I had a long run on Saturday and I needed to get better fast!

Anyone close to me knows that I do not like medicine unless it is absolutely necessary!  Tylenol scares me due to a previous experience with my liver and it seems that I am allergic to Advil and anything like it.  I prefer natural remedies when possible, which usually means slower results!

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So, I spent Friday night searching the internet for natural remedies for fever and sinus infections and praying for a rapid recovery so I could run Saturday morning!  By midnight the fever kicked in more and I knew running was not an option!

This morning I managed to lift my pounding head  long enough to tell my husband to be safe and have a good run and then promptly passed out!

I really missed being out there running with our group, but my health is definitely more important.  I am nervous about making up the miles, but as in all pilgrimages there are obstacles and difficulties which are part of the journey!

Thankfully my recovery is underway due in large part to a wonderful husband who has brought me fruit smoothies and anything else that I have requested!  He is attempting to make a big pot of Chicken Sauce Piquante which is like chicken soup with a spice kick!  It is great for sinus colds!  I am very blessed!

So how do you treat a cold or sinus infection?  Do you have any natural remedies that you use?  If you are a runner, do you “run through” a cold?

Also, here are some links that I promised that shed some light on redemptive suffering or “offering it up” as mentioned in my first post here and here.

This video is interesting as well.


7 responses to “Running and setbacks

  1. I completely understand wanting to run, but not being able to – I have found that the harder I desire something, the more likely that it will not happen. The snake bite during Crossroads – having more children – chronic pain. In a way I find that those are the times that God truly shows me that he is listening to my prayers – w/ Crossroads, my need for redemptive suffering for the unborn – w/ more children, my prayer for always being open to His will even if it is not mine – w/ chronic pain, well, I am still searching for that one!

    We will pray for a speedy recover – cayenne and honey I have heard work. This site had some good advice as well:

  2. Thanks, Mary! I will check the site out! My chicken sauce piquante is full of cayenne! It is cooking now!

  3. so sorry to hear you are ill. Yes, take care of yourself! Hydrate yourself very well! Rest !!! Feel better soon. You will be on track with your running in no time.

  4. Take a day off if you have to recover. It is no fun running when you are feeling ill. Get well soon!

  5. I have run with a cold and sore throat, but nothing more serious than that. Fortunately, I cannot remember the last time I have had fever (years and years ago), but I do think it is recommended NOT to run with fever. As far as remedies….I take Motrin with no problem for whatever ails me! 🙂 But I certainly think that lots of hydration including the chicken soup with a kick should help!

    Did you say you were training for the St. Jude Half? Maybe we will meet at the expo!

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks for the tips! I did not have fever when I ran that is why I pressed on, but I had it after! I usually do not get fever! All is well now and I think the rest helped my legs as well. My runs have been a little faster! My husband and I are running the St. Jude Half, I hope I can find and meet you!

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