Faster pace and a new motto!

Group run on Saturday was awesome!   It was 63 degrees and a little overcast with some sun peeking through the clouds.  We  started out on the trail for a 6 mile run in our pace groups and soon I settled into a rhythm.   Now I can actually see my pace group the whole time that we run!   I am getting faster!

This time I was able to keep pace with a young woman who is usually just ahead of me.   She keeps a very steady pace and it was great to be able to stay with her!   Neither of us talk much while running which is fine with me.   I am used to being by myself (because I am slow) and actually like the silence.  For me, running is a great time to pray and to contemplate the beauty of nature. Running for over an hour gives you a lot of silence to listen to God and to pray for others! ( So let me know if you have any prayer intentions!  I have a lot of miles to cover over the next few weeks!)

At almost 3 miles, my pace friend informed me that we were keeping under a 12:30 pace which made me nervous, because my fastest time for 6 miles had been a 13:10 and I still had to make it back over some tough hills!  I decided to stay with her as we turned to head back for the last 3 miles.

I was determined to keep my pace the whole way including the hills!   The hills are always hard, but even more so when you have run 3 miles already!   So I started up the first one telling myself to dig, just dig, do not stop!   Then the second one!   I made it!   Realizing the hardest part was over I pressed on.

Soon I was at the 5 mile mark and caught myself thinking: ” O.K., only 1 mile to go.  One mile is easy!” How crazy is that !  I guess the endorphins were kicking in!

I finished 6.15 miles and checked my Garmin.   I averaged a 12:44 pace!   My fastest pace yet!

I got back to Fleet Feet and started stretching.   I leaned over to touch my feet and noticed something on my shoes that I had never seen before.   I got so excited and started laughing and pointed it out to my husband and a friend.  It seems that my shoes knew just the motivational phrase that I needed to get up those hills!  (click the picture to enlarge)

My new motto!

Nothing like motivational shoe strings!


3 responses to “Faster pace and a new motto!

  1. Found your blog. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for reaching out to me by sharing your running experience. It touched my heart today and helped me to carry on. Thank you, too, for your prayers. You and your husband shall be in mine, too, especially as you persevere in your running. I’m also excited to follow your training progress. I think you are well on your way towards your goal. God speed!

  2. Lisa I gotta say this blog brought tears to my eyes today. First over how proud I am of you and second because we can all be encouraged in whatever we pursue! So much of life can keep us second guessing ourselves. So you and your shoes are so right, Dig Deep!!!! While I may not ever become a runner I thoroughly enjoy your blog, proud of your progress and love the encouragement for us all.

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