Busy Day!

Dental appointments, errands and schoolwork with my son (we homeschool) kept me very busy today.  So, when 3:00 rolled around I decided to take a nap. It was a bad move!  I woke up an hour later and felt more tired than before!  Not good considering I had a group run at 6:00.  Never the less, I put my shoes on and persevered.  Being with a group of other great runners always helps!

Today’s run was for 30 minutes and it was hot.  We ran the west side of the trail which has big hills.  I started out too fast, but managed to find my pace and get my breathing under control.  Despite the heat I managed to run the entire time and kept a 12:50 pace which is good for me!  Little by little I am getting faster!

Today was also my best friend’s birthday!  So, naturally I had to get her a birthday girl ribbon to wear while she ran!  She was a good sport!

Birthday Girl!

Birthday girl with some of our running friends!

It is great to have a friend to run with even though I can not keep up with her!  Having my husband running with me is even better! I can not keep up with him either! 🙂

Hubby (in green) and some buddies!

After running we celebrated my friend’s birthday, grilling chicken fajitas and eating birthday cupcakes.  Hey, we earned those calories!

By the way, I am not in any of the  pictures because I was taking them!


3 responses to “Busy Day!

  1. The good sport birthday girl is very grateful for all the great treats for her birthday! She is also saving the pink “birthday girl” pin in anticipation for your birthday! I can only hope we have some kind of group run when it rolls around! :’ )

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