Better late than never!

Hello, is anybody out there?! I hope so, because it would be so deflating to know that I am speaking to thin air!

This blogging thing is a challenge due to the fact that I am lost when it comes to technology, but I have a sixteen year old tutor, so all is well!  I am up and running now!  Literally!

Four weeks ago my husband and I started training for our first half-marathon. Yes, I am a little  late blogging about it!  We are currently running 4 miles on our long run and running a total of 4 days a week, two of those are group runs with Fleet Feet Sports.

I started running this year in January, before that I could not run for 30 seconds!  Since January I have run four 5k races and one 8k where I experienced my first injury!  I now know what an IT band is and where my hip flexor is located!

My goal (and my husband’s) is to run the St. Jude Half-Marathon in Memphis in memory of my Mom and in the spirit of a pilgrimage ” praying with my feet”. You see, I am Catholic and we believe in  praying and offering things up, redemptive suffering etc.!  I could explain it, but it would mean typing a lot of words, so instead I will post some links on the topic (eventually, as soon as the sixteen year old can help me!).

I guess this is long enough for a first post and I promise I will include pictures, because when I read blogs I like to see pictures, so I figure you do too!  By the way my header picture is the trail that we run and the photo credit goes to my sixteen year old son/tutor!


5 responses to “Better late than never!

  1. I am impressed by your running adventure!!! So excited for you and your family. Love your Blog.

  2. What an awesome adventure! You go, girl!

  3. Enjoyed your blog! Proud of you for your accomplishments and the fact of you honoring mom with the St. Jude run! Good luck! By the way, your new shoes are awesome!! I almost need some just to keep up with you guys,lol.

  4. What type of recovery drink are you using after your runs?
    If you make it yourself, how?

    • James,

      I drink chocolate milk for a recovery drink. I will probably start drinking electrolytes as the run gets longer, but definitely chocolate milk for recovery. I am told it is one of the best things to have for recovery; something about the carb to protein ratio!

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