No Boundaries!

Starting Thursday I will be helping with the No Boundaries 5K program at our local Fleet Feet! I am excited, but a little worried as well because I tend to tank in the heat.  The idea of helping others will motivate me to push a little harder though! Plus, this is the same program that I started running with and that makes it even more special to me!  

We will be training to run the Watermelon Classic 5K on July 4th.  A very HOT, but very fun race!  The after party is great and includes a costume contest and a drawing for prizes.  

If you are local and want to join us it is not too late!  


To Blog or Not To Blog!

I really did not think blogging would be this hard.  As much as I like to talk you would think I could write some of it down.  Oh, wait, that requires self-discipline!

Darn.  I really need that virtue!

Running is helping with that, but some areas are still a little shaky.  So one step at a time!  (No pun intended!)  🙂

Running has been slow and low miles.  Hubby broke his toe and I decided I did not like the cold anymore.  (No self-discipline or maybe it is fortitude I need!)  But Spring is here! So it is time to get serious.

Exercising self-discipline might make that little butterfly flitter on down the path too!  See him over there on the right.  He has not budged!  I think he is stuck!

Getting Back On Track!

The hubby and I had hoped to run the New Orleans Rock and Roll half marathon, but things got in the way.  This will be the third race that we have missed out on.  This running season has been a mess due to colds, flu, and work schedules.  So now we are regrouping!

We are running on our own for now ( minus a training group) and keeping our long run around 8 miles with the goal of running faster and better.  We have also decided to just race locally and focus on shorter races.  Besides, heat will be setting in here in the south and short races are all I can handle!

Also hoping to blog on a more regular basis so stay tuned!

More to come!

No Running. Lots Of Music.

I have neglected my blog so much that it should be overrun by weeds!  Definitely not keeping pace here or in running!  The Flu type B took me down four weeks ago and I am still struggling to get totally healthy.  It hit me rapidly after a long run.  I ran on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon I was fighting chills and fever.  I had run seven miles and felt fine; no hip pain or anything and then BAM! I was blindsided by the Flu!

The Flu then led to upper respiratory/sinus congestion and then hives (don’t know why) which led to a round of Prednisone and now a round of antibiotics.  I try not to take medicine unless it is really needed, but this time I was really miserable.

Recovery may have been delayed from trying to do too much too soon!  My youngest son had a lot of music gigs that I did not want to miss.  So when I knew I was not contagious I went and then I would feel fatigued and puny again!  I even tried to run after three weeks and that did not help either!  Lesson learned!

I did manage to run this week for two and half miles that included a good bit of walking.  My training has taken a hit so I doubt that I will run St. Jude Half Marathon instead I will just focus on the Mississippi Blues Half and maybe New Orleans Rock and Roll.

So not much running, but lots of music with son #4!  He is becoming quite a musician if I must say so myself!  I have lots of pictures to share, but I will have to post them later, because they are not on my lap top!  The hubby and I are having fun being his “Roadies” for now anyway!  More later!

A Brief Post!

Briefly updating here!  I am back in training for the Blues Half Marathon here in Mississippi and St. Jude Half in Memphis.  After slogging through the summer it is great to be back in a training group.  It definitely makes me try harder.  The summer heat and humidity slows me down and makes me want to quit!

My pace is pathetic ( not that it was ever that fast!) thanks to the humidity.  Hopefully with cooler air it will pick back up quickly!  For now I just do the best that I can and pray for a cold front soon!

More to come!

2nd Place!

My last-minute decision to run the Magnolia Meltdown in May paid off!  My husband was running the 10K and I went to cheer him on and instead signed up to run the 5k.  My thigh had been giving me trouble, but when I got up that morning I felt fine and decided to go for it.  Besides it would have killed me to just watch!

The 10k and 5k start lines were separate and as I stood there waiting with a friend we discussed the fact that maybe my odds were good for my age group since it seemed that the faster runners were going for the 10K!

Lo and behold the odds were good!  I placed 2nd in my age group!  Does it matter that there were only five of us?!

2nd place! Photo courtesy of Rod’s Racer’s.

Hubby and I were waiting to see if he had placed and instead I did!  We all had a good laugh and a good time!

Running Crazy!

Sorry for the long absence, but life has me running a little crazy!  I have lots to share including winning a race!  Who would have thought that would happen! I will post all the news this weekend: races, parties etc.!  So stay tuned! 🙂

Begin Again!

Now that I am not running as many miles the pounds are creeping back!  Not good!  Of course having so many excuses  to eat, such as graduations, family events, wedding and baby showers and just hanging out with our running group is not helping either.

So I must learn temperance with food and do what my wonderful dietitian has  programmed for me.  I know if I follow the program I will get results, but knowing and doing are two different things!  Proper motivation is needed to reach the goal.

My motivation is to have energy and better health to serve my family,but I will admit that I want to run faster too or at least feel lighter on my feet! 😉

Begin again.  That is my motto and the only advice I can give to anyone!

I updated my weight loss ticker to track my progress.  Now I begin!

Wordless Wednesday (Poker Run)

Son #4 won worst hand!

Wordless Wednesday (Pub Run)


Family time!


Find Waldo. I mean me!